Horizon Acres 40-Lb. Hen Scratch Feed – 906318 – 102289


Product Description

Our hen scratch is a blend of cracked corn, soft red wheat and milo. It is designed to be fed in addition to Horizon Acres Layer Crumbles or Pellets to chickens and gamebirds 15 weeks and older. It is not a complete feed. These nutritious whole grains, grown by Midwest farmers, make a great treat, especially to encourage chickens back into the coop at night. It also provides a natural energy source and encourages your chickens’ natural foraging instincts to make your birds happy and healthy.

  • Natural Grains: Minimal grain processing allows for natural pecking behavior and stimulates digestive system
  • High Energy: Horizon Acres Hen Scratch uses high test weight, energy dense grains
  • Modifies Behavior: Use Horizon Acres Hen Scratch to gather free range hens at the end of the day
  • Triple Cleaned: Removes foreign materials and fines
  • No Added Animal Protein: Contains grains with no added animal proteins