The Web Designers of are at it again, with a entirely new project. Since the beginning of the week Brandon and Matthew have been designing a cart to put a camera on for a smooth shot. Their little do it yourself project has proven to be a success. At the start of the week they were just two men working on a website, and by the end of the week they had designed a completely functional camera track dolly. With this dolly they will be able to take a clear and smooth shot for upcoming videos this year.

The dolly consists of a board of plywood with mounted roller skate wheels on the bottom, to roll on PVC track. The camera then will sit upon the top of the tripod, that is located on the top of the mounted board. With this smooth shot they will be able to create a high quality commercial for Don’t forget to check out upcoming videos at For a full step by step on how to build a camera dolly check out

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