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Painter’s Pants-Made In U.S.A

The movement for American Made products in the United States is becoming more trendy as people become aware that there are a lot of products made overseas and are growing to appreciate products Made in the U.S.A-even if it comes at a higher price

If you work in construction and use painter’s pants, the U.S. company called, “Round House” manufactures cream or natural colored painter’s pants in Oklahoma. Round House is the largest all Made in USA jeans and overalls manufacturer. Round House is the oldest operating manufacturer in Oklahoma, producing about 240,000 units in just Round House® overalls per year (20,000 pairs monthly/100 pairs per day), that’s 10.8 million feet of thread a month.

To find out more about Round House’s Double Knee Made In U.S.A Painters Pants click here. Round House painter’s pants are available for purchase online at Dickey Bub is a small family owned business based out of Missouri.