Here we get insight on Carrie Dickey and the Dickey Bub Farm and Home company.

Dickey: What is your role here at Dickey Bub Farm and Home?
Carrie: My specific title is general manager, but I take care of managing 75 awesome employees and merchandise buyer.
Dickey: When did you get involved with Dickey Bub?
Carrie: Ever since I was a little kid I worked for Dickey Bub shop helping my grandfather and grandmother through the busy seasons. After college (studying psychology) I asked my dad, Steve Dickey, if I could work at Dickey Bub so that I could go back and get my masters. Turns out I liked it so much that I stayed and became general manager in 2006.
Dickey: Tell us briefly about Dickey Bub Farm and Home.
Carrie: It is a store that offers one-stop shopping, whether you have a lot of acres on a farm or an apartment we have your DIY supplies and cater to your lifestyle.
Dickey: What big goal(s) are you (Dickey Bub) currently working toward?

Carrie: We are always looking for opportunities for new store locations, but my goal for the managers recently is to get back to basics. I challenged them all to make the store a more clean, and inviting atmosphere for the customers. Also we are constantly improving customer service.
Dickey: Are you pleased with the new online experience?
Carrie: My initial reaction is that I am really pleased with the way Matthew and Brandon created the new user-friendly and secure online buying experience. Matthew and Brandon were given a huge challenge and were able to accomplish all the goals we set out to do in a very short amount of time. We couldn’t be happier and more pleased to offer this new avenue of retail.
Dickey: Why do you think it is necessary to explore new avenues in the retail world?
Carrie: Over the history of Dickey Bub we had to change and mold ourselves to meet the demands of customers. We realized that we might be missing opportunities to sell to customers over the internet.
Dickey: Any new/cool products you are excited about?
Carrie: Well…. there is a super cute dress that I was thinking about buying. ;D As a shopper of Dickey Bub I would say that all the products are great. This fall we will have a remote control helicopter that I have the pleasure to test out in my house, and I will say that it is a lot of fun.
Dickey: What other services does Dickey Bub provide?
Carrie: One big service that we offer is small engine repair to any of our customers. We also have a full repair shop, our mechanic has over 25 years of experience. Other services that we offer is that we can take the order over the phone, check it out for you, and load it in your car for you.
Dickey: Thank you for your time.
Carrie: It was my pleasure.

Hope you enjoyed this exclusive interview.

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