beetle_bagGardening Season is here and many of you have delicious vegetation growing and sprouting. You also may have a problem with bugs and pests. I recently went out to look at my garden and discovered the leaves on my bean plants have little holes in them and look like spider webs….and every now and then I saw this little beetle on the leaves….after doing research I discovered those little critters are the very well known Japanese beetle. I had some Seven dust laying around and sprinkled a little on each plant…..then a few hours later it rained…..I guess I should have looked at the forecast. Now I’m not a big fan of spraying my garden down with all kinds of pesticides, so I got to thinking of other ways I could get rid of these beetles on my plants. Since I work here at Dickey Bub, I know we have the RESCUE! Japanese Beetle bags….the associates here at Dickey Bub told me these bags work really well and LOTS of people come in and buy them.  The bag doesn’t require any kind of pesticide or chemical application on my plants, so that was a plus as well!

Now placement is important when you are deciding where to hang this bag outside… don’t want to put it right inside your garden next to your plants…since the beetles are attracted to the bags, you don’t want them to stop at your lush vegetation and never make it to the bag….it is suggested that the traps should be used about 30 feet away from desired foliage and to place them next to a non-flowering tree or shrub, such as a pine tree or boxwood, which is not attractive to the beetles.

This beetle bag will not attract beetles from miles away….however it will lure beetles that are in the area of the beetle bag from 100 to 200 yards.

The RESCUE! Japanese Beetle bag is currently not available for resale here on our website but they are available in-store(see store locations)….so if you are experiencing the same problem as me, take a look at the product. Each bag costs between $7-$8 per bag. The bags are a pretty decent size and I was able to reuse mine twice. If you want to read more about the RESCUE! Japanese Beetle Bag, how it works and what others say about it, go to the manufacturer’s official website HERE to read on!

This is only my second year planting a garden…so from gardener to gardener, give me your advice on natural ways you keep bugs away from your garden and vegetation.
-Andrea B.

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