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Dickey Bub Farm and Home in Potosi, MO is having their annual lawn and garden event this weekend on Saturday, May 9. To see full event details, please refer to the imbeded image below. We hope to see you there! → Read more

This year, on Thursday, November 6, from 6-8 P.M. Dickey Bub in Union and Eureka are hosting their first Ladies Night Out Event. If all goes well, this will likely be a repeat event every year in the fall (at all store locations) and we may possibly add a guys’ night event as well. It all depends on this first year and if our customers like the event. Dickey Bub Farm and Home has been talking about hosting a Ladies Night event for a while and this year, we have taken action to host our very first event in Union and Eureka. We’ve been thinking about what ladies would appreciate from the event and have been working hard to make sure they feel special when they come in our doors that evening.

We will be giving out gift bags to the first 50 ladies at our Union and Eureka stores. Ladies can also participate in wine tasting and appetizers while they enjoy a night of shopping for 2 hours. Ladies will also receive 20% off anything they can fit into our large Dickey Bub shopping bag, which will be helpful in getting some early holiday presents for family or themselves! We are also bringing in some local vendors who will be selling items like Juice Plus, Tupperwear, Pampered Chef, Younique and more. While you’re here, there will be a gift card drawing at 7 PM for a $50 Dickey Bub Gift Card.

We are excited and happy to host this event for our local ladies and encourage you to invite others to this event as well. For full event details, please visit this link

Sincerely, The Dickey Bub Team

For many of you, this evening kicks off your 4th Of July Festivities

If you need to make a quick run to the store, all Dickey Bub stores will be closing early at 5 p.m. on 4th of July. If any of you are like me, I really dislike going into Wal-Mart on holidays and try to avoid it at all costs. Dickey Bub has a lot of what you may need on July 4th…if you just need to pick up some extra charcoal, coolers, lawn chairs, American flags, fish breading, bug spray, soda, snacks, ect….we have it….and it will be less hectic than going to Wal-Mart. We also have lots of floating devices for those who are hitting the river this holiday. So keep us in mind while you celebrate our Nation’s Independence and spend time with your friends and family.

Dickey Bub is also running a sweepstakes now through the 4th of July. You can enter to for a chance to win a pair of Men’s Ariat Jeans. Enter the sweepstakes on the Dickey Bub facebook page here. to view the sweepstakes’ terms & conditions, click here. Good luck to all! And have a happy 4th! -Andrea B

We have just finished launching our new and improved STIHL products department here on the Dickey Bub website. Although you cannot purchase any STIHL product on our website, you can view prices and read the specifications for each STIHL product we offer. Then, if you are interested, you can call to reserve your STIHL product at any of our store locations or you can reserve online at If you cannot find a specific STIHL product on our website, please contact us. We hope our customers are pleased with our newest addition to the website. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see us put online next, respond to this blog post! Click here to view our new and improved online STIHL department. Thanks!–Andrea

Looking for the lowest prices on Our new sales page is exactly where you should be heading! Click here to get the lowest prices around. Also to be the first to know about the sales and sign up for Bub’s Bargain!. Feel free to leave your comments on topics we should cover in the blog. Thanks!

From sales to contests to new jobs to fun stories, Dickey Bub Facebook is the ultimate place to find out what is happening at Dickey Bub. Click here to check out our facebook page: Be sure to click “like.”

There are many great things about ordering online from First of all, buying from is safe. All orders are processed on our secure servers. Second, buying is super easy! Find the product you want, add it to the cart, and purchase with many options for payment. No hassles! Next, ordering from will give you the best products while saving the cash in your pocket! All orders over $49 have free shipping (lower than other Carhartt retailers). Finally, once you order from we are working hard to process your order. To understand better how quickly we process your order, click here to watch Joe Dickey take you though the steps.

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The Web Designers of are at it again, with a entirely new project. Since the beginning of the week Brandon and Matthew have been designing a cart to put a camera on for a smooth shot. Their little do it yourself project has proven to be a success. At the start of the week they were just two men working on a website, and by the end of the week they had designed a completely functional camera track dolly. With this dolly they will be able to take a clear and smooth shot for upcoming videos this year.

The dolly consists of a board of plywood with mounted roller skate wheels on the bottom, to roll on PVC track. The camera then will sit upon the top of the tripod, that is located on the top of the mounted board. With this smooth shot they will be able to create a high quality commercial for Don’t forget to check out upcoming videos at For a full step by step on how to build a camera dolly check out