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Gardening Season is here and many of you have delicious vegetation growing and sprouting. You also may have a problem with bugs and pests. I recently went out to look at my garden and discovered the leaves on my bean plants have little holes in them and look like spider webs….and every now and then I saw this little beetle on the leaves….after doing research I discovered those little critters are the very well known Japanese beetle. I had some Seven dust laying around and sprinkled a little on each plant…..then a few hours later it rained…..I guess I should have looked at the forecast. Now I’m not a big fan of spraying my garden down with all kinds of pesticides, so I got to thinking of other ways I could get rid of these beetles on my plants. Since I work here at Dickey Bub, I know we have the RESCUE! Japanese Beetle bags….the associates here at Dickey Bub told me these bags work really well and LOTS of people come in and buy them.  The bag doesn’t require any kind of pesticide or chemical application on my plants, so that was a plus as well!

Now placement is important when you are deciding where to hang this bag outside… don’t want to put it right inside your garden next to your plants…since the beetles are attracted to the bags, you don’t want them to stop at your lush vegetation and never make it to the bag….it is suggested that the traps should be used about 30 feet away from desired foliage and to place them next to a non-flowering tree or shrub, such as a pine tree or boxwood, which is not attractive to the beetles.

This beetle bag will not attract beetles from miles away….however it will lure beetles that are in the area of the beetle bag from 100 to 200 yards.

The RESCUE! Japanese Beetle bag is currently not available for resale here on our website but they are available in-store(see store locations)….so if you are experiencing the same problem as me, take a look at the product. Each bag costs between $7-$8 per bag. The bags are a pretty decent size and I was able to reuse mine twice. If you want to read more about the RESCUE! Japanese Beetle Bag, how it works and what others say about it, go to the manufacturer’s official website HERE to read on!

This is only my second year planting a garden…so from gardener to gardener, give me your advice on natural ways you keep bugs away from your garden and vegetation. -Andrea B.

For many of you, this evening kicks off your 4th Of July Festivities

If you need to make a quick run to the store, all Dickey Bub stores will be closing early at 5 p.m. on 4th of July. If any of you are like me, I really dislike going into Wal-Mart on holidays and try to avoid it at all costs. Dickey Bub has a lot of what you may need on July 4th…if you just need to pick up some extra charcoal, coolers, lawn chairs, American flags, fish breading, bug spray, soda, snacks, ect….we have it….and it will be less hectic than going to Wal-Mart. We also have lots of floating devices for those who are hitting the river this holiday. So keep us in mind while you celebrate our Nation’s Independence and spend time with your friends and family.

Dickey Bub is also running a sweepstakes now through the 4th of July. You can enter to for a chance to win a pair of Men’s Ariat Jeans. Enter the sweepstakes on the Dickey Bub facebook page here. to view the sweepstakes’ terms & conditions, click here. Good luck to all! And have a happy 4th! -Andrea B

We have just finished launching our new and improved STIHL products department here on the Dickey Bub website. Although you cannot purchase any STIHL product on our website, you can view prices and read the specifications for each STIHL product we offer. Then, if you are interested, you can call to reserve your STIHL product at any of our store locations or you can reserve online at If you cannot find a specific STIHL product on our website, please contact us. We hope our customers are pleased with our newest addition to the website. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see us put online next, respond to this blog post! Click here to view our new and improved online STIHL department. Thanks!–Andrea

We are proud to launch our very first sweepstakes giveaway online! For a short time, you can enter to win a pair or Men’s Ariat Scoundrel Relaxed Fit Jeans. This particular pair of jeans is one of our most popular selling Ariat jeans for men. You can enter the sweepstakes online by clicking the image below, liking Dickey Bub Farm & Home on Facebook and filling out some contact information. Your personal email and phone number is simply used to contact the winner. You do have the option to sign up for dickey bub’s email list if you want to receive special promotions, updates when a new sale flyer is published, and event announcements at our stores.  To view the sweepstakes terms and conditions, click here. Good Luck and thanks for participating!

The Carhartt sleeveless tee has been a popular seller so far this year. The material isn’t super heavy so you won’t get too hot working in it. There’s no fancy graphic work on it; but there is a small Carhartt logo patch on the left pocket. This isn’t a fitted shirt, so the material shouldn’t cling to your body. It has a tagless neck label and is available in 4 different colors for you convenience. I think the reason this is such a great seller is because it’s a plain sleeveless tee….and sometimes that’s all you need. Check it out for yourself by going to the product page.

We recently added the Dickies Pocket Tank – FS060 to the Dickey Bub website. I have been in love with the Dickies tank top the day we added it to our online store! The material is really soft and the little pocket on the left side of the tank adds a little something extra that other tank tops don’t have. The top is available in pink, green or purple for only $12.99 each, which is a competitive price compared to other online stores. This is a tank top you can wear just as it is…there’s no need to wear it as an under-shirt. For more info about this tank top, please visit the product page.

One of STIHL’s most popular tillers is the Yard Boss MM 55 C-E. Why is it so popular? The tool has been enhanced with STIHL Easy2Start™ technology for nearly effortless starting. The Yard Boss is a multi-task tool with a wide range of attachments (sold separately) to complete a variety of lawn and garden tasks with only one machine to operate and maintain. Although Dickey Bub doesn’t sell the Yard Boss accessories in-store, they are available for special order if you visit or call any Dickey Bub store location. Available attachments include: lawn aerator, bed edger, pick tine cultivator, bolo tine cultivator, dethatcher, bristle brush, wheel kit and power sweep.  This lightweight tiller (weighing just 21-lbs) also makes it easy for women to use and operate especially through small areas like between garden plants and flower beds. The tool folds down for easy storage and transportation. Dickey Bub currently retails the Yard Boss at $379.99. Purchasing this tool will help you with many of your outdoor chores around the house. You can view the details and features of the Yard Boss on the Dickey Bub website but you must visit or call a Dickey Bub store location to reserve or place an order for this product. You can always check the Dickey Bub sale flyer for a potential sale on the Yard Boss and other STIHL power equipment.


It’s time to celebrate and honor mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds across the world, as well as positive contributions that they make to society. Treat your mother, grandmother, and wife this year with the finest Camouflage Swimwear and Loungewear. If you are in the area stop by one of our store locations and pick up some 10″ Hanging Baskets for only $4.99. We also have many other great deals on our Mothers Day Sales Flyer. Don’t miss out on these great savings!

Check out our Carhartt Work Boots

Slip resistant, non-marking, and waterproof are just a couple great features of the Carhartt Work Boots. These boots are equip with pebbled-brown oil-tanned leather and LiteFire™ waterproof breathable insulation. These boots are perfect for hard work on a cold day. These boots do NOT have a steel toe. This product qualifies for FREE SHIPPING on Purchase your own pair today! now has Dickies Men’s Jeans and Work Pants, Wilderness Dreams Men’s Boxers and Footwear and Women’s Lingerie, Swimwear, and Lounge wear. Keep checking for more products and great prices. Click here to view the new products from our new brands: Dickies Jeans, Dickies Work Pants, Wilderness Dreams Boxers, Wilderness Dreams Footwear, Wilderness Dreams Lingerie, Wilderness Dreams Swimwear, Wilderness Dreams Lounge wear.