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Thermal Lining: The lightest Carhartt lining, yet it has 100% polyester thermal weave with about the same thickness as a flannel shirt. This lining is perfect for Autumn, Summer, and Spring and layering with other garments.

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Fleece Lining: This lining is soft, comfortable, and warm with lightweight insulation that is an excellent choice for active work. Another good choice for three-season wear and layering with other clothing. Made from 100% polyester.

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Red Quilt Lining: This non-bulky, medium weight is great for moderate climates and layering with other garments. It’s made from a durable, smooth nylon on the outside, and warm polyester on the inside.

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Sherpa Lining: This knit fabric lining provides a lot of warmth without being too bulky. Carhartt Sherpa lining absorbs moisture away from the skin with it’s fibers, keeping you warm and dry. Made of 70% acrylic and 30% polyester.

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Flannel Lining: This extremely warm lining has the comfortable feel of a soft flannel shirt. The outer lining is 100% brushed polyester. The inside is made from polyester insulation and provides superior warmth without layering.

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This Sandstone Sierra Jacket (WJ141) is the obvious choice for warmth in the winter. The Sierra Jacket has ribbed inset cuffs, a longer back, a hood and a very warm lining. It has an additional pocket with a Velcro closure perfect for a cell phone. This jacket also holds embroidery really great. It is cut nice for ladies hips too, but not too bulky in the shoulders and the chest like a men’s jacket. This jacket runs a little small so order accordingly.

“Purchased this jacket for my daughter in size medium. She is 5’7″, 120lbs. She has long arms and the sleeve length is great.” -MtMx

Today we look at the Heavyweight Cotton Thermal Crew Neck Top (K228). Best thing about this thermal is the comfort and warmth. A few key features: no irritating neck tag, sizes run true, and durability. The Carhartt Heavyweight Cotton Thermal Crew Neck Top is also stretchy and fits very well. This thermal will cut the chill. But remember, thermal wear is only half the battle. If your hands and feet are cold, your whole body will be cold. Good thermals like these are a step in the right direction, but go the distance and protect yourself. Don’t forget a hat.

“This is a great shirt. The quality of the materials is outstanding. The color shown on my computers’ screens all showed the item much white than what it really is. Expect a light beige tone.” -Beatriz Moreno

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Here we go in depth with 4 employees of Dickey Bub Farm and Home and find out their opinions.

Dickey: What is your role here at Dickey Bub? a. support manager and head of farm department b. cashier c. administrative assistant d. merchandise buyer Dickey: What is one thing you like about working at Dickey Bub? a. I enjoy working with the people and helping them find what they need. b. The people I work with. c. It is a pretty laid back, easy going place. d. The variety of different jobs I do everyday. Dickey: What is one product that Dickey Bub offers that you like? a. There is too many to chose from. b. I like the construction trucks for my nephew. c. Dog food. d. There is too many to list. Dickey: How long have you been working here? a. 2 1/2 years b. I worked for a year and a half, left for 7 months, and came back 3 weeks ago. c. 3 years d. 15 months Dickey: Have you seen the new website? What do you think?

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These Carhartt Canvas Work Shorts (B147) are extremely well thought out. The pockets and loops are attached perfectly for convenience and comfort. Along with the comfort these shorts are durable and retain their shape very well. These shorts fit just a little bit under the knee, but not so long that it interferes with climbing ladders, crawling under the truck, or attending a Hank Williams III concert. There is also a new loop that Carhartt work shorts usually don’t have, on the right side between the front and rear pocket. It’s a flat band of fabric that a tape measure can clip onto; I also find that it works great for a try-square. Although when buying these short be aware of the color choices, I have heard that the Khaki is lighter than it seems in pictures.

These are my favourite pants period. I wear them to go everywhere. They look ultra cool and they fit perfect! I have to get myself some more! -Kevin D. George

Here we get insight on Carrie Dickey and the Dickey Bub Farm and Home company.

Dickey: What is your role here at Dickey Bub Farm and Home? Carrie: My specific title is general manager, but I take care of managing 75 awesome employees and merchandise buyer. Dickey: When did you get involved with Dickey Bub? Carrie: Ever since I was a little kid I worked for Dickey Bub shop helping my grandfather and grandmother through the busy seasons. After college (studying psychology) I asked my dad, Steve Dickey, if I could work at Dickey Bub so that I could go back and get my masters. Turns out I liked it so much that I stayed and became general manager in 2006. Dickey: Tell us briefly about Dickey Bub Farm and Home. Carrie: It is a store that offers one-stop shopping, whether you have a lot of acres on a farm or an apartment we have your DIY supplies and cater to your lifestyle. Dickey: What big goal(s) are you (Dickey Bub) currently working toward?

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Today we are looking at the Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat (A18). This is personally one of my favorite products on the site. It has a wide array of color selections and one size fits all. This acrylic watch hat is made of stretchable, 100% acrylic rib-knit fabric for warmth and comfort. This hat is also very durable and in my opinion is very stylish. You can’t go wrong for the price of this cap.

“You’ve all seen this hat. It’s strong, stylish, and warm. It’s got the Carhartt name! You just cannot go wrong! It’s cheap and was delivered right on time!” -Mack

The Web Designers of are at it again, with a entirely new project. Since the beginning of the week Brandon and Matthew have been designing a cart to put a camera on for a smooth shot. Their little do it yourself project has proven to be a success. At the start of the week they were just two men working on a website, and by the end of the week they had designed a completely functional camera track dolly. With this dolly they will be able to take a clear and smooth shot for upcoming videos this year.

The dolly consists of a board of plywood with mounted roller skate wheels on the bottom, to roll on PVC track. The camera then will sit upon the top of the tripod, that is located on the top of the mounted board. With this smooth shot they will be able to create a high quality commercial for Don’t forget to check out upcoming videos at For a full step by step on how to build a camera dolly check out

Today we are looking at the Carhartt Men’s Canvas Shirt Jacket – Flannel Lined (S296). This 100% cotton shirt jacket is perfect for spring and fall. The look great for work, at home, and even at a casual dinner. Another great thing about this shirt jacket is the perfect balance between comfort and durability. This shirt jacket also comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, but from experience this Carhartt shirt jacket runs a little big so make sure you order accordingly.

“Great fit, made with quality like all Carhartt clothing. Everything about this shirt is what I had expected,This shirt will not be my first Carhartt. Great for light winter wear….” -Kiva Vitch